Monday, January 17, 2005


Very excited. Anyway, after a lot of looking around for suitable software, etc. I've found a new home, hopefully a permanent one, for the Resource. I can tell you right now I'll be able to do many more things with the site, and the URL I purchased way back in November can now be utilized.

I'll be scaling this site down and hope you continue to visit us at our new home--- (PLEASE bookmark!)---

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

National Letter of Intent/Signing Day

Signing day for recruist is Wednesday February 2.


Signing day is less than a month away, so we'll start bringing you recruiting news as it comes our way. Many of the nation's top players have already verbally committed to their various schools, but as happens for the elite of the elite players, decisions often come down to signing day.

This weekend's US Army All-American Bowl will help to squeeze a few recruits into declaring where they are going, as they get the opportunity to announce their school choice at various points in the game to a nationwide audience.

Some of the stars at this year's game include Tennessee receiver Patrick Turner, USC quarterback commitment Mark Sanchez, Florida safety Kenneth Phillips, Florida receiver Fred Rouse (a heavy Florida State lean), Penn State athlete commit Derrick Williams, Louisiana quarterback and Texas commitment Ryan Perilloux and Washington tailback Jonathan Stewart among many others. Last year the game MVP's were Adrian Peterson and Ted Ginn.

The game will be televised this Saturday, January 15 on NBC at I believe 1 P.M. EST. Check your local listings for further details.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Some News Items

*NFL early-entries. The list grows. The real speculation is whether USC redshirt junior Matt Leinart leaves or returns to school for a shot at a 3-peat and a legacy as the greatest quarterback in NCAA history.

*BCS changes in the works. Rumors about a combination of computers, Coaches poll and selection committee. I like bowl games, personally. They're a tradition of the game. I'd rather just have the AP and Coaches poll like it was before the Bowl Alliance and BCS, if anything.

*The coaching carousel has almost come to a stop. I think we're just waiting on what Syracuse does. They are reportedly looking at a long list of defensive coordinators, trying to model USC. Not surprising considering their athletic director is the newly hired Dr. Darryl Gross, formerly of USC.

Massive Update

We have added many more links and categories to our links section here at CollegeFootballResource. Feel free to peruse our new links, as well as the old ones. Be sure and email us if there are any broken links or you have a suggestion for us, we greatly appreciate any help you can provide.


On California and Texas Tech

California got rolled. The score was fairly indicative of what happened on the field:

Texas Tech 45
California 31

The Bears added a late touchdown to make the score more respectable. That said, this game plays well into one of my main arguments about college football, that the game is very much dictated not only by on-field talent, but coaching. As great of a coach as Jeff Tedford is, his team was not familiar with Texas Tech's offensive style. Tech runs a gimmick offense, but a gimmick offense can be very effective if an opponent has never faced it.

While Texas Tech is never going to dominate the Big 12, it certainly can take advantage of an out-of-conference opponent unfamiliar with its schemes, or an in-conference opponent with a new coach also unfamiliar with its style of play. Oklahoma in fact struggled against Texas Tech in the early Stoops years before they adjusted and were able to dominate with familiarity.

That was not the case for California. One of their players said they got used to what they saw on film, but once on the field could not handle what Tech threw at them. That's fairly predictable, even if I did not predict as much.

Unfortunately, some of the major media bigshots used the game as an opportunity to make stabs at the Pac-10, and claim it's #2 team couldn't finish in the top 5 of the Big 12. It's a pointless and inaccurate argument. The game isn't about just who has more talent and who wins head-to-head. So many other factors are involved. USC would wipe the floor with Oklahoma if they played the sooners again, for example, but a game against Utah or California would be far more difficult. Simply put, matchups matter. Unless a commentator or fan has a grasp of what teams are really doing, they're unfit to really make grand conclusions about a game's outcome or its implications elsewhere.

I'm not perfect at this, but I'm working on it and I watch games intently and ask questions of some contacts who know more than myself what is going on. I try to provide some of the reasoning and understanding on here, as you have seen as we've gone through the 2004-2005 season. We correctly pegged Louisville as a very good team, as we did California, and sniffed out Auburn as unfit for elite status. Those are looking very solid, and we were onto those teams well before the mainstream media and "expert" commentators really had an idea what was happening. This isn't to pat our backs here at Resource, but to make it clear that we as fans can do better and should strive to think about the game in terms more enlightened than pure talent matchups, or team hype. There's so much more to it than that and it can only help us understand what's happening on the field.

On California and Texas

California should have been in the Rose Bowl. It's that simple. Without Mack Brown's pleading to media and coaching allies, California is there, and in fact, probably wins the game against Michigan.

I have no problem is voters had simply seen Cal's close win over Southern Miss (a 26-16 win) as evidence of them being undeserving. But even then, there are problems with that construct, because Cal did in fact win on the road against a top 25 opponent by a healthy margin.

Texas' inclusion into the BCS round of games smacked of collusion and further weakened the game's credibility. It didn't need to happen. Worse, it was an embarrassment for Mack Brown, fresh of a gigantic contract extension. At another level, this plays into what appears to be a systematic bias, or perhaps, disregard, for very good teams that are not members of the two "elite" conferences, the Big 12 and the SEC. Certainly Utah's BCS appearance didn't help Cal's case, but the real battle was between Texas and California. In the days leading up to selection day, it was Texas shamefully lobbying while California sat back and rested on its tremendous laurels. They refused to play into the game, the same way that USC didn't last year. It was honorable and classy. Texas embarrassed itself.

Conference Bowl Records

*Atlantic Coast Conference: 3-3
Notable: Virginia losing to Fresno State. Virginia Tech almost beating Auburn.

*Big East Conference: 2-3
Notable: UCONN thrashing Toledo. Pittsburgh big loss to Utah.

*Big Ten (11)Conference: 3-3
Notable: 2-1 vs. the SEC (Minnesota over Alabama, Iowa over LSU, Georgia over Wisconsin). Michigan Rose Bowl last second loss to Texas.

*Big 12 Conference: 4-3
Notable: Texas Tech big win over California. Texas A&M huge loss to Tennessee. Texas Rose Bowl last second win over Michigan. Oklahoma embarrassing defeat to USC.

*Conference USA: 3-2
Notable: Louisville win over Boise State.

*Independents: 1-1
Notable: Notre Dame big loss to Oregon State. Navy big win over New Mexico.

*Mid American Conference: 2-3
Notable: Bowling Green crushes Memphis.

*Mountain West Conference: 2-1
Notable: Utah big win over Pittsburgh. New Mexico loses to Navy. Wyoming huge upset over UCLA.

*Pacific 10 Conference: 3-2
Notable: UCLA embarrassing loss to Wyoming. California upset by Texas Tech. USC resounding win over Oklahoma to win national championship.

*Southeastern Conference: 3-3
Notable: Georgia sneaks by Wisconsin. Tennessee thumps Texas A&M. LSU loses on last second play to Iowa. Auburn ugly win over Virginia Tech.

*Sun Belt Conference: 0-2
Notable: North Texas loses to Southern Miss and Troy loses to Northern Illinois.

*Western Athletic Conference: 2-2
Notable: Conference nearly went 4-0 against stiff competition. Fresno State upset Virginia. UTEP was leading Colorado before two late touchdown throws. Boise State took Louisville to the final whistle.

My Bowl Predictions

I had a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad bowl prediction season. Next time I'm doing some homework.

Overall Bowl Record: 11-16 (See for yourself my predictions).

I started 0-6! Not a bad recovery.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Catching Up With The Bowls

We left off last Thursday, so here are the rest of the Bowl games---

*Minnesota 20-Alabama 16
Another ugly SEC game. Big surprise. When is somebody going to call the conference on its habitual tendency to make interesting matchups so boring and sloppy? Minnesota ran wild but couldn't score. Alabama wasted a nice passing day from Spencer Pennington.

*Arizona State 27-Purdue 23
Terrific game. This was 3-2 at halftime! Andrew Walter's backup, Sam Keller, was outstanding, and spoiled Kyle Orton's career finale.

*Louisville 44-Boise State 40
What a game! Both of these teams are clearly top 10 material. This game is important evidence of the importance of coaching and sophistication in the college game. It's not just about talent (ahem, SEC, ahem, Oklahoma).

*Miami 27-Florida 10
Who ever thought this game would lack any kind of anticipation? Miami had some nice returns and otherwise dominated a pre-Meyer Gator squad.

Saturday-New Year's Day:
*Georgia 24-Wisconsin 21
Two defensive squads actually had a touch of offense. But just a touch. What does it say when the SEC's #2 team in consecutive years squeaks by Big Ten also rans in Wisconsin and Purdue?

*Tennessee 38-Texas A&M 7
Interesting result. Are the Aggies collapsing? They are a very young team, but it's such a dramatic, large margin of loss. A good source feels Rick Clausen is actually just as good as Tennessee's star rookies Erik Ainge and Brent Schaeffer.

*Florida State 30-West Virginia 18
Something's just not right at Tallahassee. They ran the ball well, though. A great combination game for Lorenzo Booker and Leon Washington.

*Iowa 30-LSU 25
Iowa won on the very last play on an amazing touchdown pass. LSU had to drive the length of the field to take the lead moments before. Iowa was able to overcome a huge athletic disadvantage against the Tigers. Must be good coaching? Also, this was Nick Saban's last game at LSU.

*Texas 38-Michigan 37
Another great game. Michigan more or less shut Texas down after a few posessions. Countaining Vince Young was another matter. Texas was made to feel like unwanted guests at the Rose Bowl, but they made the most of their opportunity, the first BCS apperance under Mack Brown (kind of surprising given all the top 10 finishes and hype).

*Utah 35-Pittsburgh 7
Utah was magnificent. They clearly belong, and may be the nation's #2 team. The score wasn't even this close, as the Utes went into operation shutdown early in the third quarter. They have the most inventive offense I have seen in quite a while.

Auburn 16-Virginia Tech 13
Congratulations to Auburn on their undefeated season. This game was not one to make a great case for some kind of people's championship. Again, another frustrating SEC slop-match. I give the conference credit for dragging out of conference opponents into their style, but I don't give them credit for that awful style.

USC 55-Oklahoma 19
USC dominated this thing from the first snap. Oklahoma had 5 turnovers and Adrian Peterson was stuffed the entire game. We got a good glimpse of young Trojan receivers Steve Smith and Dwayne Jarrett and the 1-handed acrobatics of tight end Dominique Byrd. Impressive.

There you have it! The 2004-2005 college football season is very much over, and the USC Trojans have repeated as national champions.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Brief Hiatus

Hello again. I've been intently watching the last few days of bowl games inbetween work and some other tasks. I'll have quite a bit more very soon.

I have found some more links I will also add soon, I've been fretting about categorizing many of the links, and am unhappy at the moment with many of them. Oh well, I'll be sure and further organize those as we move along.

Enjoy tonight's Orange Bowl between #1 USC and #2 Oklahoma. What a matchup! It airs on ABC at 8PM EST.

Please continue to stop by, I greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

PS-Check out of new visitor map feature, near the bottom of the links on the right. Pretty cool. You can see where other visitors to here are checking in from.

Friday, December 31, 2004

Thursday's Bowls

*Boston College 37-North Carolina 24

*Navy 34-New Mexico 19

Wow. The return of the option!

*Texas Tech 45-California 31

Wow II. Hopefully I'll have more on this game later, but let's just say California was not itself. Texas Tech gets all the credit they can, and game planned to perfection. That said, those who use this as a Pac-10/Big 12 comparison aren't seeing things clearly (ahem, Craig James).

*Northern Illinois 34-Troy 21

A combined 14 completions in this one. Northern Illinois' lead runner, Wolfe, was heavily outrushed by teammate A.J. Harris.

Wednesday's Bowl Games

*Colorado 33-UTEP 28

UTEP was leading big until a late Colorado comeback.

*Ohio State 33-Oklahoma State 7

Ted Ginn goes nuts AGAIN. He had less than 100 touches this year. Can we float a theory that Jim Tressel does not have much of an offensive mind? Right or wrong, one major piece of evidence is Ginn's touch totals. I knew coming into this season Ginn was special, I didn't realize they'd let him play on offense, but once that was apparent, you might as well give him the ball consistently over immobile pieces such as Maurice Hall and Lydell Ross. As a receiver it's a lot harder to get touches, but they did give him the ball on the ground, might as well have been more consistent with it.

Oh well, they won. Congrats Ohio State. You can now resume dealing with ESPN fallout.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Paul Pasqualoni Fired

I thought his job was safe a few months ago. Oops. Incoming athletic director Darryl Gross, formerly of USC, canned Pasqualoni after a fairly long tenure with the Orange.

The early speculation is Gross is after USC offensive coordinator Norm Chow. We'll see if the smoke/fire concept pans out here.